Go Green This Holiday Season

Wish the Earth “Happy Holidays” and go green this holiday season by saying “No!” to plastic bags.

One way we can wean ourselves off of oil dependence is to make a conscious effort and take all of those reusable and canvas bags we have lying in our car collecting dust into the store — not only are you being green but these bags usually hold more than those measly plastic bags.

According to About.com, “Americans throw away almost 100 billion plastic bags every year, and only [one] percent to [three] percent are ever recycled.”

Sure, it takes some remembering and becoming more conscious and creating a habit when it comes to taking those reusable bags into the store, but just remember that those “convenient” plastic bags aren’t biodegradable — they clog waterways and litter the landscape creating an eyesore for everyone and a serious hazard for animals, especially birds and marine animals, who often mistake them for food.  Plastic bags usually wind up in landfills where it can take more than 1,000 years for these bags to break down. And, even after these bags break down, they just break down into smaller particles where they continue to pollute the land and water.

Reusuable bags add a special touch to that gift and it’s much easier wrapping too. Just place the gift in the bag, wrap it in some nice tissue paper (maybe even some tissue paper made from recycled paper) and place it in the bag and you’re done! The person can then enjoy the gift and use the bag for her next trip to the store!

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