Have a Green Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money…or be bad for the environment. There are many things you and your family can do to have a more eco-friendly Halloween and still scare all of the ghosts and goblins.

First of all, make your own costume. You don’t have to be a seamstress to make a decent Halloween costume. Raid your father’s closet — get all of the old mismatched clothes and the socks with holes and voila…you’re a bum! My best Halloween costume ever was that of a bum — I even got money, I mean a decent amount of money, probably a total of $10, because I was so beliveable! Other suggestions include reuse cardboard boxes or other reusable materials — avoid using plastic materials because it just goes into a landfill anyway.

Secondly, try to hand out individually wrapped candy in paper, which is biodegradable and earth friendly. If you can get away with it and explain to the neighbors make your own treats — try organic fudge, candy apples, or baked pumpkin seeds. Sure, parents and kids have been trained not to accept individual goodies, but if you explain why maybe you can convince some of your neighbors.

If you are having a Halloween party consider using regular dinnerware, glasses and utensils — sure, you have to clean the dishes afterwards, but you’re doing the earth a favor. Otherwise, there are plenty of biodegradable plates, cups and utensils out there to choose from.

Last, don’t just throw that pumpkin away after Halloween — scoop the seeds out. Baked pumpkin seeds are an easy and tasty after school snack for your little ghosts and goblins.